Project: CIGNA

CABA and UConn School of Business faculty have been great partners of Cigna over Fall 202. As we embarked on our Technology Operations AIOps journey, UConn students were provided with two problem statements focused around validating if our data had enough predictiveCigna Company Logo power to help improve operational efficiency at Cigna.

Students were provided with de-identified dataset with multiple parameters. It was interesting to observe how each of the 8 teams approached the problem statements in their own unique way and their collective strength achieved the scale of experimentation that would not have been otherwise possible. To be a UConn BAPM Alum and work with the current cohort was a unique experience and is great to see the advances the program has made in the past 5 years.

Lastly, I want to sincerely thank John Wilson and Jennifer Eigo for helping us at each step of this partnership. Will definitely look forward to additional opportunities to partner with the BAPM program.


Shashank Navuduri, Senior Manager