Cutting-edge skills training and career support, bridging the gap between talent and the evolving demands of the digital economy

Partnership initiatives foster collaboration on research, development, and innovation, ensuring that advancements in digital technology are both practical and groundbreaking. 

Experiential Learning

Innovate Labs

Step into our experiential learning hub, available on the Storrs and Stamford campuses, and soon to arrive in Hartford. This is your invitation to dive into a world of exploration, learning, and skill development that the industry values. Here, you can prototype new ideas and forge innovative solutions.

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Student tests a virtual reality headset while engaging in experiential learning at Innovate Labs.

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Curricular Support

Explore our cutting-edge curricula developed in partnership with UConn Business STEM programs. Our offerings are designed to keep you ahead in digital technology and preparing you to effectively tackle the challenges of the digital era. Discover how our programs can empower your educational journey.

UNIV 1820: Intro to Emerging Technology (1 credit)

UNIV 3088 - Exploring the Entrepreneurial Process (1 credit)

BADM 4895 - Global Emerging Technology and Innovation (3 credits)

DMD 2030 - Generative AI for Creative Minds and the Future of Work (3 credits)

OPIM 5894 - Generative AI for Business (3 credits)

Non-credit Courses

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Professional Education

Enhance your expertise with our custom programs in A.I., cybersecurity, analytics, and emerging technologies. We equip individuals and organizations with the essential knowledge and tools to master the complexities of these critical fields.

Workshop on Generative AI

Join our one-day Workshop on Generative AI, perfect for business leaders and data scientists, regardless of coding skills. Dive deep into Generative AI, from basic Prompt Engineering to cutting-edge applications including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and AI workflow optimization. Make AI work for your business with just 6 hours! Learn more about the course here.

Partner-enhanced Training

Transform your professional path with the CT Information Technology Institute (CITI), our dedicated entity offering Partner-enhanced training programs. Select from a suite of non-credit courses designed to customize your learning experience to fit with your career goals.

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