Connecticut Information Technology Institute

Digital Frontiers Initiative

Bridging academia and industry through cutting-edge research, innovation, and partnerships.

What is DFI?

The Digital Frontiers Initiative embodies a forward-thinking venture by the University of Connecticut's School of Business, dedicated to promoting innovation, analytics, and the incorporation of technology into business practices. Led by the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) Department, DFI functions as a platform for industry engagement and collaboration, bringing together the strategic resources, expertise, and visions of the Connecticut Information Technology Institute (CITI), OPIM Innovate, and the former Center for Advancement of Business Analytics (CABA). It is designed to prepare students and professionals for the challenges of the digital economy, promote research in cutting-edge technologies, and encourage partnerships with industry leaders.

Ways to Engage

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Workforce Innovation
Empowering the next generation of tech professionals, our Workforce Innovation programs offer cutting-edge skills training and career support, bridging the gap between talent and evolving demands of the digital economy.

  • Innovate Labs
  • Curricular Support
  • Professional Education
  • Partner-enhanced Training


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Industry Partnership
Building bridges between academia and industry, our Partnership initiatives foster collaboration on research, development, and innovation, ensuring that advancements in digital technology are both practical and groundbreaking.

  • Advisory Board
  • Capstone Projects
  • Consulting Projects
  • Sponsored Challenges


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Academic Research
At the forefront of digital innovation, our Academic Research division explores the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in technology, contributing to the body of knowledge with impactful studies and findings.

  • Thought Leadership
  • Community Seminars
  • Academic Workshops
  • Sponsored Research



Please consider donating to the CT Information Technology Institute Support Fund through the UConn Foundation. Your contribution will make a difference in advancing technology education and empowering future professionals.

Give Now

UConn's Digital Frontiers Initiative is working to bring together Innovate Labs (Formerly OPIM Innovate) and the cutting edge research and continuing education programs of the CT Information Technology Institute. This year we are looking to grow our scholarship programs to support students who are working on meaningful projects or wanting to participate in immersive programming like studying abroad.  

For example, this upcoming year the Initiative is working on a study abroad program where students will get to travel to Australia / New Zealand to learn about Emerging Technologies on a global scale. This is an example of one of the once in a lifetime opportunities that the Initiative is working on. We need your help to make sure these incredible opportunities are available to students no matter background or financial situation. Join us in helping the next generation  of leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.