Project: Voya Financial


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Voya’s Investment Management business sends a wide variety of emails to current and potential distribution partners (consultants, advisors, fund analysts, etc.). These emails contain market commentary, product information, webinar invitations and many other topics intended to build engagement and add value.

Students were challenged to identify and quantify attributes that lead to engaging email communications from Voya.

Some potential insights:

  • What characteristics drive the success of individual emails?
  • What sequences of emails affect engagement?
  • When should emails be sent to drive the greatest engagement?

Student response to this first-time UConn-Voya partnership event was outstanding.

“It was a lot of fun working with the students and seeing what they came up with. They had a fresh perspective on real challenges we’re working on today. It was very satisfying to be able to talk through their thought process and engage with such a talented and motivated group.”
-Duncan Sanford, Analytics Director, Analytics Center of Excellence

“This analytics challenge was a great example of how we’re building partnerships with leading universities to create a pipeline of ideas and talent. Through internships and analytics projects like this one, we’re creating a buzz about Voya on campuses that’s helping to generate new insights as well as to compete for talent.”
-Tom Hamilton, VP, Analytics Center of Excellence