Enhancing Admissions: UConn Students Launch AI Chatbot

In an impressive feat of dedication and innovation, a student team from UConn, guided by Dr. Wei Chen, successfully developed a cutting-edge generative AI-based chatbot within a mere two-month timeframe. The project, a part of their capstone class led by Jon Moore, the executive director of the Digital Frontiers Initiative, was not just a requirement for their course but a pioneering initiative to enhance the admissions process at UConn Stamford. Maria Akram, Ryan Caitlin, James Lopez, and Jenna Rabah, the brilliant minds behind this endeavor, collaborated closely with Dr. Chen and UConn Stamford Admission, demonstrating the remarkable potential of student-led innovation in addressing real-world challenges.

Stammy at UConn Stamford Bound Day

The chatbot’s debut at UConn Stamford Bound Day marked a significant milestone for the team. Their project received widespread acclaim from both admitted students and their parents, who were able to interact with the chatbot and receive instant, detailed answers to their queries about majors, tuition fees, and campus life. This not only showcased the students’ technical capability and their ability to work as a cohesive team, but also underscored the practical applications of generative AI in improving the university admission process.